The PSA represents all full-time Faculty, Professional Staff, University/Sr.  University Lecturers, Academic Administrators, Professors of Practice, Research Professors and any Instructor who teaches as an adjunct in its collective bargaining unit. However, members of the unit are not Voting Members of the PSA  until a Full Membership Authorization form has been completed and processed.

By becoming a Full Member you help to increase the overall strength of the PSA whose negotiating team bargains for your terms and conditions of employment, which includes, but is not limited to your benefits and salary. Your elected Governing Board and staff work diligently to ensure that the best possible contract for the overall membership is achieved and enforced.

The Full Membership Dues Structure is nominal. For example, a Full Member with a salary of $50,000 would pay less than $4.33 per week and receives the benefits outlined below.

As a Full Member of the PSA:

  1. You will have the largest NJIT bargaining unit supporting and working with you if you have any academic or employment problem with in violation of the NJIT PSA Agreement and/or university policy and/or procedure.
  2. You will have a voice and a vote on matters that directly affect your employment at NJIT.
  3. You have the right to vote on the dues structure, to elect representatives and to run as an officer or Governing Board member.
  4. You can participate in the development of bargaining demands.
  5. You can vote on whether or not to ratify a tentative contract agreement.
  6. You receive membership updates from the union by various methods of communication.
  7. You are invited to Membership only PSA functions including but not limited to specialized seminars, membership meetings, NJ Conference of AAUP meetings/seminars, etc.
  8. You are entitled to various other items that are not specified in the contract.
  9. Essentially, anything above and beyond the contract is reserved for those who are full voting members of the Association.


Joining is easy. Just complete the Full Membership Authorization form by filling it out online and emailing it to It can also be printed and sent back via interoffice mail or scanned as an attachment to Feel free to call or email the PSA office if you have any questions about becoming a Full Member.