Any member of the of the bargaining unit or the Association on behalf of any member of the bargaining unit or on its own behalf may grieve an alleged violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or applicable policy(ies), regulations and administrative determinations made without just cause. If you would like  more information about a concern you have or a potential grievance, please contact the PSA office to arrange a meeting.  While it is your right to file a grievance, you should also know that may be alternatives to a formal filing —— in any event, you must be aware of any timelines that there may be, so that a grievance is TIMELY.


There are (2)  separate  types of  grievances with exclusive processes:

(1) All grievances except for those involving promotion, and /or tenure denial or non-reappointment of non-tenured faculty are Arbitrable Grievances.

(2) All grievances, by faculty, surrounding determination regarding promotion, and/or tenure and all those regarding non-reappointment of non-tenured faculty fall under Faculty Tenure; Promotion; Non-Reappointment are heard by the University Academic Process Review Committee (ARPC).


The following link provides the specific contract language and procedures involved in a grievance: Article VI Grievance Procedures


The following PDF template can be used as a tool to assist you in formulating your thoughts and ultimately a grievance. This template DOES NOT constitute a grievance submission. Its sole purpose is to help you summarize your concerns/perceived violations and facilitate any meeting you may have with the PSA to discuss a potential grievance and/or filing of a formal grievance.

Grievance Template (.pdf)